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>> more than 100 people killed across pakistan in a string of shootings and bombings. good to have you with us. this is al jazeera in so hot. execution-style killings in the heart of paris this is al jazeera in doha. harding in for a president who has not been seen in weeks. thousandth -- partying for a president who has not been seen in weeks. pro-shaba's demonstrations.
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-- pro-chavez demonstrations. more than 100 people died in pakistan in a day of violence. in the capital of pakistan's province, more than 19 people killed in an explosion. of least 25 people died in the valley with a bomb exploded. these people gathered to see our religious leaders the. in karachi, nine people were shot dead in seven incidents. >> just a few of many of the victims and distraught relatives after one of the deadliest attacks in years. two bombs went off, starting a snooker club. police say the first explosion was set off by a suicide bomber.
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people rushed to the scene to help but were hit by a second blast. security officers, a journalist, and rescue workers were killed. >> as we got to the scene, rescue workers were moving people. suddenly there was another blast, and we were unable to get anything because of the darkness. everyone was scattered, and the wounded were crying and lying on the floor here and there. >> the paramilitary force were targeted in another attack. this shows the force of the blast and a huge hole. >> i heard the sound of an explosion behind me, fell off my motorcycle, and got injured. when i stood up, i saw smoke everywhere. it looked like a cloud in the air. >> it suffered attacks by separatist for years, but some people think the recent security forces is making it more vulnerable.
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>> there is no government here. daly and bomb blasts are becoming routine and government is doing nothing they should go back to barracks. we are being targeted because of them. >> no one has claimed responsibility. the civilian government is just three months from the end of the term, but it has been unable to contain violence and deliver security in many parts of the country i spoke to the south asia adviser by the united states institutes of peace. i asked him to tell us more about a group of has claimed responsibility. >> it is a sectarian groups that has been around for a long time, and it has been closed to outside of. it has operated as an odd kind of franchise, so while they are conducting an -- as an outside the -- al qaeda franchise, so
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they are conducting violence. today is just one incident in a long list. it was basically gone in and found partners in different countries. they are not just targeting violence. they are linked to they have learned from this, and they have a lot of connections in pakistan and afghanistan and yemen and iraq. more and more you are seeing rhetoric out of these people, and that is one of the biggest problems from pakistan. earlier they would separate these groups and one of the time. -- one at a time. they simply cannot control.
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>> one of the founding members of the separatist kurdish group has been killed. they were shot dead as turkey's government began new efforts to try to persuade them to disarm. >> 3 execution-style killings in the heart of paris. the dead were all activists in the kurdish separatist movement. their bodies were discovered in the french capital. all three were shot in the head or neck. the women were last seen alive in this building at about midday on wednesday. it was only after the boyfriend of one of the victims became worried his girlfriend had not return home but the police became alerted and bodies were discovered. the co-founder of the kurdish arms group. he worked for the national
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congress of kurdistan, and another was employed by the information center where the women died. the interior minister has condemned the killings. >> i came here to this neighborhood where three women were slain and executed. this is of grave matter, and it explains my presence. it is unacceptable. >> turkey's prime minister denied responsibility. >> first, we should wait until light has been shed on this event. this might be an internal feud. we have been struggling with terrorism. now we are trying to achieve some goals, but people do not want it. >> they found little support within the kurdish community. within hours of news breaking, a crowd gathered outside the crime scene. the danger of the demonstrators was directed at turkey and received friends duplicity.
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>> -- french duplicity. >> i think your nose they did this in -- europe knows they did this. >> the kurdish community is angry. it is difficult to tell them to stay calm. it is complicated. peace negotiations have been taking place between the kurdish government and the jailed leader. they claimed the negotiations would end the conflict that claimed 40,000 lives. it is unclear who is responsible for the three deaths in paris and how they might affect such a delicate peace plan. but the syrian government has accused the u.n. peace envoy of violence. it comes after he said he does not seem to assure all assad -- bashar al-assad as part of it.
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the u.s. defense secretary says the u.s.-led coalition has reached the last chapter in its goal to ensure afghanistan can look after its own security. leon panetta has been meeting the afghan president in washington. karzai also met hillary clinton, and he is due to hold talks with barack obama. we have more from washington. >> u.s. troop levels, u.s. financial aid, and political support for the afghan central government. those are some of the key issues dominating the agenda as hamid karzai continues his visit to washington. he has already met with leon panetta to talk specifically about the u.s. forces that would be necessary after the official end of the war of the end of 2014. the question will be what kind of responsibility will the troops have and what kind of legal protection will they have
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to carry out their mission. one thing the u.s. is keen to improve as the afghan security forces are capable of providing for national security across the country, but there are some critics who suggest this may be optimistic talk, given one out of the 23 decisions, just one is capable of carrying out of this sort of security without support and guidance from the u.s. or allied forces. the other 22 still need a lot of training. they still have problems with troops going a wall, aw -- going awol, and they still have problems with the taliban. the u.s. does believe there has been considerable problem with the influence of the taliban on afghan cause political culture.
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>> in venezuela, military jets give the salute to president hugo chavez. he was supposed to be sworn in for a fourth term on thursday but remains in cuba, where he is recovering from cancer surgery. that did not stop thousands of supporters and regional leaders from taking part in a rally in the capital. >> i am chavez was the message on the streets. thousands of people gathered to show their support for the man they called their commander. thursday should have been inauguration day, but it turns into a show of force for the party. >> we love chavez. we know he is our leader. he has given to venezuela all his love. he has given our country the respect it has lost. >> people are hoping the
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president will recover. chavez is still in cuba after undergoing his fourth cancer surgery. there has been an ongoing debate about who is running the country. >> we came here to defend the constitution, that says he can be sworn in when he recovers. he is the only president, and the government is waiting for him the nationalists had offered the president to stay indefinitely. >> even though we have not seen or heard from him in a month, his presence can be felt in the fashion of his followers. questions remain especially among the opposition about when he will return. >> one of the key figures of the opposition demanded more information about the
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president's health. >> we recognize president chavez as the president of the republic, and we recognize him as president alike, and that is what we have proposed. we need to know the truth about his abilities to do his duties. >> on thursday the street showed the majority is with chavez and that in spite of his absence, people say they will remain loyal until the com>> saturday .
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-- link tv. >> the top stories here on al jazeera. more than 100 people died in several attacks across pakistan. nine people were killed in separate shooting incidents in karachi.
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the co-founder of the kurdish separatist movement has been shot dead. he was found dead in paris along with two others. this comes as the turkish government tried to convince the pkk to disarm. supporters of hugo chavez have held a rally to show their support for the president. he was supposed to be sworn in for a fourth term on thursday but remains in cuba, where he is recovering following surgery. the obama administration is getting closer to deciding what to do to curb gun violence in the u.s. joe biden is meeting with leaders of the pro-gun lobby. >> images of 6-year-old kid is riddled, not just shocked, riddled with bullet holes. but startling imagery by joe
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biden as he meets the group said offend gun ownership. the same time, the sound of gunfire echoed from another classroom. a 16-year-old shot and injured in california. another student in custody after a teacher convinced him to put down his gun. >> he had as many as 20 rounds of shotgun in his pocket, so we do not know what might have happened. this is a tragedy but not as bad as we think it might have been. >> that did not change the outcome of this picture of the meeting with the national rifle association. it called the meeting disappointing and plans to take the case to capitol hill, where it has many allies, even though when it comes to giving campaign contributions, the nra is far from the biggest spender, paying about $19 million in the last election. it did not get much for its money. the nra has less than 1% success
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rate getting its people in or out of congress. the power comes from the membership, which the group says has grown by 100,000 people in just the last few weeks. people like chris schneider. >> this is a semiautomatic rifle, which has been portrayed in the media as evil, which it is not. i use it to hunt coyote and small game. >> congress will likely hear from people like him. those on the other side of the issue have far less to spend. >> gun control groups i would say used to be more of a force to be reckoned with. good they have been neutered on some level over the last 10 or 20 years. but joe biden says he will make his recommendations to the president on tuesday. we expect president obama will make his case to the american public not long after that. >> the un security council is
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holding emergency talks on the crisis in mali. 30 soldiers have been killed after a bottle with rebels in the north of the country. fighters have to push the rebels out. the crisis began in march of last year when a coup allowed rebels to seize the north of the country. they are demanding an independent homeland. let's take you to the united nations. james joins us from there. what is it of the security council is discussing. >> they are discussing what to do about this and syria situation -- this serious situation. they have been meeting for an hour. this has only been decided on in the last couple hours as they realize the severity of the situation. it is nine months since the group of rebel groups took northern mali, some with links to out-of.
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this is the heaviest fighting since nine months ago. they are pushing forward, and it is reported they have taken some 50,000 people, and that is moving to the center, causing deep concern among the security council. they had already had plans. they already authorized 30,000 african soldiers who are going to northern mali to try to sort out the situation. the first to you in planning team is due in the next two weeks or so. -- of first un planning team is due in the next two weeks or so. they will not be able to do anything until september because of the time it will take to get running and the extreme heat. they will not be able to fight until september, and that is where the security council faces a problem. there is little they can do other than issue a condemnation
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of the latest fighting and urged the group to withdraw to former positions. >> thanks, james fighters in the central african republic say they will observe a week-long ceasefire as peace talks continue. the president is meeting the rebels to try to end the crisis. african leaders have sent hundreds of troops to the country to help the army take our control of the north. andrew simmons joined the soldiers. >> heading for the red line, these troops are part of the international force engaged to stop further fighting while the talks continue. i asked the soldier if he is anxious. yes, he said, i am scared, but we are ready. further, we reached an assembly. they say is more than a match
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for the rebels. the red line is a main road junction. this is a red line. they have no contact with the international force. they do not have contacts with the international force either. they have a neutral peace enforcement mandate, but perhaps questionable is the presence of south african forces openly flying their flags so close to the confrontation area. they have been brought in on a disarmament mandate for an international agreement dating back six years. the role seems to be bolstering forces, monitoring the forces. while the army is based 5 kilometers away, we found a
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large numbers from telling us we should stop filming. it is no surprise civilians here are confused and frightened with four separate armies in the zone. it includes the rebels. these people say they have fled 380 kilometers. it has taken them around two weeks to get here. outside a clinic just opened, hundreds of people have been doing for medical treatment. >> they are currently staging -- staying at outside houses on the ground. they come during the day and moved during the night. >> we are just civilians. we cannot live alongside the military. >> he speaks to hundreds of
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thousands of people in the remote rain forests of the country. they are terrified of snipers. they do not trust him, no matter which side they are on. theet's get more on dialogue between the president and the rebels. we have the latest from gabon. >> what is being discussed behind me is a temporary ceasefire but will last one week between rebels and the government, but what it will entail will be conditions which will be attached that they want met. those conditions are that the current prime minister resigns and is replaced, and the prime minister will have more powers. on the government side they want to withdraw from the towns they have occupied, and they also want a unity government.
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the president of schad and gabon are crucial. they have troops in the country. they have been speaking about reconciliation. they want a more permanent solution, but it does seem all they can offer is a temporary solution. >> striking farm workers have fought with police on the second day of protest. they want a minimum daily wage to be doubled. farmers say it is unreasonable and unaffordable. >> it has become of battleground. police have superior firepower. now they are seasonal workers who want the minimum daily wage increase from $8. most of the south africans were right here.
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an industry built on the backs of poorly paid workers. >> it is better than me trying to pay a wage i cannot afford. >> with only half of his staff turning up for work, he is worried about what will happen if he cannot fulfill export orders. >> in the long run the chances are good permanent staff is going to lose their jobs, and the labor unions and political workers are not selling. >> he is paying a 110 seasonal workers more than minimum wage. he helps with health care and subsidized electricity. the workers do not want to be identified because they are afraid they will be targeted by the people on strike. one man was on the way to the farm when someone doused him with a petrol and tried to set
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him alive. and it believes farmers can afford a pay rise. he was part of the study. >> it is good for industry but we start moving as quickly as possible out of low-paid wage. we have got to get out of it. >> this is one of the most unequal societies and the world, and these people want to rent some of the power and wealth away from people that are still benefiting. but thousands of people have taken to the streets in a sri lanka' to protest the government's moves. parliament is debating whether to impeachment and will hold a final vote on friday.
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hunger-related disease kills thousands of children every day. in a new report they say supermarkets in developed countries waste 1.5 million tons of crops because they do not meet marketing standards of size and appearance. in southeast asia, 118 million tons of rice spoils the its year due to poor transportation and storage -- each year due to poor transportation and storage. 550 trillion leaders of the water is wasted on crops but never make it to consumers. the lead researcher says urgent action is needed to feed the growing number of people in the world. >> about 1 billion people on the planet go to bed hungry, and that is an unnecessary situation
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given that we are wasting globally 30% to 50% of the food we produce. that really is a necessary. the second issue has to do with the future. we are anticipating the population will grow by about 3 billion people in the coming century, and we need to feed those people. producing food, which is really the focus of the moment, producing more requires more energy. it requires more water, and it requires more land, and as engineers, we are tasked with delivering about, and we ask is that really necessary? why wouldn't it be much better to look at reducing waste in a surer -- in mature economies, and they sell vegetables that are the wrong color, but this is an incredibly small scale, and we need this to become mainstream, and it is really about the consumer and the supermarket working together to break the cycle we are in.
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we are expecting the perfect product. >> a carpenter in argentina has survived after being shot in the heart with a nail gun. the man was working in a lumber yard when the accident happened. a team of surgeons successfully
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